Dear Eve, 
thank you for your email and sorry for getting back to you only now after having received your note at the beginning of November. 
I am glad you are still in business, if we ever happen to drive around Tampa, I will make sure to come by again and see how you are coping. It would be nice to do a follow-up story one day. 
The piece where we included your husband and your business we broadcast together with other reports on the election day in November 2012. This is the link of the main news show, please find the piece about 8min:45sec into the program – it is all in Czech and basically saying what hardship had Florida gone through and that there are some signs of hope too – your business.
Please be so kind and say hello to your husband for me too. 
Thank you again 
All the best, 
Martin Reznicek
US correspondent
Czech TV News
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Washington, DC 20007
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Dear Martin ,

Greetings! When we first opened our small gourmet cupcake business in Tampa you interviewed us.   I am happy to report that my husband and I are still in business.  It is a struggle sometime but we are still here.

I was wondering if you have the video if you could forward it to us at<> or to my email at<>.  We would love to post it on our blog.

Best wishes and thank you.

Eve Dobbins

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