Last night, we watched Mike and Molly.  So funny…she has quit teaching to pursue a career as a writer and begins envisioning crime scenes beginning with the murder of her mother-in-law with an icicle and then she tells a local drug dealer “take a step back” and he is obliterated by a passing car.  It seems like the perfect crime.  I am laughing because this morning I watched a big crime unit park in our lot to eat franks at Mels.  That is ok.  They are his best and our best buddies and they frequent him often.

What I was thinking is what teacher hasn’t envisioned quitting the classroom and having some fun.  Molly’s vision is that she wants to ride in the squad car with Mike where as a husband/wife team, she has difficulty putting down her microphone to tape some of the offenders and situations they are monitoring.  So funny! You know, you can take a job overseas teaching but in the end, any job is just a job…a different location works for awhile though but you still have to face those inner issues and one of Molly’s issues may be her mother-in-laws sharp mouth.  He he.  And the problems you leave , you still have to return to a stagnant economy or teaching to testing, and that happens overseas, also.

In this area of Busch, we have enough unspoken things and our intuition about businesses and people makes us enjoy more and more police frequenting our area.  So bring on the hotdogs, but stop for cupcakes, we will give you a discount!