Lessons I have learned in life the past month:

If you want to be the latest thing, tell Oprah…hence the popularity of Toffee to Go.

Don’t always give a friend the same courtesy.  If they are so honest to bruise your feelings, be honest back with them.  If they can’t take it, then they aren’t your friend.

Don’t count your cupcakes before full plans are hatched.  Don’t let someone take advantage of your work before collecting your money or monies first.

Sometimes if you give people some directness and a little push when they don’t see it coming; doing so may put you ahead of the curve.

Never anticipate someone else’s decision or action.  Sometimes it is nothing personal but just the facts, Ma’am.

Be happy that you are still in business and learn from who you can when you can.  The other day, I went into a convenience store.  After paying for my purchase, I asked if the Cupcake store across the street was still in business.  The owner said “what store?” We know Mel’s, Busch Gardens, the hotel across the street, the Arabic stores down the street, the medical supply store, the Apartment Complex further down which houses some of our customers.  In others words, we know our area.  On the other hand, I went into a business where the owner was very suspicious about my questions and I probably won’t make haste to return to her store.

It is all in one’s perspective.  As a customer, you learn how others want to be treated.

Keep a notebook around to record some ideas after you finish driving.  A new route or a visit to a different store changes your perspective.  Keep notes to share with those who matter to you.

And of course, sometimes the less said, the better. Be careful who you spout with or to…don’t let them get the better of you….

Keep a smile around or at least appreciate the irony and learn how to and how not to define it..
that’s all FOLKs, cheers.  I gave you 10 items.