A scavenger hunt with local businesses in the Temple Terrace area sounds like a great idea.  I was envisioning how it might operate:  where can you communicate easily with people all over the world and you don’t need an internet.  You are also able to buy a five letter word:  ending in s which can also mean a horse which may “        “ its feet.  Exit and walk around the corner to the new park.  Find your next entry on the park bench overlooking the river and so on.  It might include finding a treasure in a small object with chocolate on top designed for one to eat leisurely and existing across from Mel’s Hot Dogs. 

    Reminds me of 1998 when on my first Tampa teaching assignment as a remedial reading teacher, I designed a scavenger hunt with the students researching information using the library, knowledge of the school, and interacting with some of the other English teachers. Many of the remedial students had difficulty sitting still so I designed in with the intent that reading requires engagement and action on the part of the reader. Having just returned from overseas teaching in Korea, I had a different mindset though.  I got in trouble with the security officer who didn’t like my remedial reading students wandering around looking for a certain license plate in the parking lot.  At that time, I was probably thinking that both schools were on the same sphere but Town and Country area and students from Seoul, Korea were very different. 

     I read about a scavenger hunt in Brandon with a stop at Revolution Ice Cream.  It looked like fun and a great way to introduce your product to new customers.  The other day, we had a student come in and watch a movie.  He had just finished an exam for his speech pathology course and needed a place to wind down.  He chose our place.  That’s a nice compliment. Maybe the chamber will create a scavenger hunt.  Maybe I can dream a little.  I have heard dreaming along with a glass of wine is good for my health.  Cheers!