Last night I kept dreaming about splitting cupcakes into too many pieces.  The incident which prompted me to this was that I shared something with someone and they immediately wanted the same thing that I had for someone else.  Now, I don’t know about you but I was taken aback and momentarily felt off balance and it led to a sleepless night for me.  I was thinking about the President’s health care program and how everyone wanted the same thing but they maybe all the details were not read or thought about critically and the computer program is messed up and so on. 

The truth is that you can’t split the pie so many ways.  One person’s avenue cannot be taken by another because one brings different abilities, insight, and other things to the plate;  let alone the fact that they were the ones who found the avenue.  Sometimes, or most times it is not opportune to share the cupcake, even if you are on a diet.  Often, I see couples come in and the woman always wants to share and the man just shrugs and states “Pick one.  I will pick my own.”  Isn’t that the truth? If we are honest with ourselves, ladies, we know that we are going to eat that cupcake by yourself at some point and then we may have to work it off or just enjoy it.  The man has already accepted that he wants his own and moves on. 

I think you can split a pie but splitting one big cupcake is more difficult and if it is cut into too many pieces, it loses its integrity.  This is how I felt the other day when someone mentioned splitting my cupcake and it may be awhile before I share much information again.  I guess it may be partly the times we live in are challenging but some of it is my nature.  I bring different abilities and insight to the table and just like each one of our 52 cupcakes is different, so are we.  Let that other person figure out their route.  Our routes are different.  Just like the ingredients in our stuffed cupcakes, not everything goes together easily.  You can mix express and chocolate together or a little bit of chai with buttercream but can one couple fresh carrots with hazelnut.  Maybe not, because it won’t mix correctly.  Or maybe it will for some, but respect where one is coming from.  It reminded me that the more information you volunteer, hmm, never give the entire recipe away.  It just doesn’t do one good.  The cupcake needs to remain mysterious but attainable.