The other day I was checking out Tampa Bay Times Sports section.  I am not a big sports person although I grew up in the Catskills with brothers who played ice hockey, basketball, sprinted, etc. Michael is big on sports and I know his favorite team.  He was a very good baseball player, also. Growing up, I learned to ride and take care of our horses we boarded. Our friends had snow mobiles so we did get around.  For me, this was the extent of my sports ambition oh .. and …playing defense for the soccer team. 

       I was thinking it is kind of funny that editors don’t think that some sports are for women because they tailor the writing on the sports page to us.  “Lightning 7, Panthers 2…He had a feeling”….reads the headline.  “Lightning hopes to figure out who it is”….Tom Jones writes.  Hmm.  This sounds familiar.  How about money shots of the day….the quote reads “sometimes it’s not bad to be average.”  Once while working as an elementary teacher in a title 1 school, it was suggested we practice….everyone is a winner…no in reality, everyone should not win.  Prizes are not for everyone.  I think we tried that before with redistribution in the government and it just doesn’t work.  Everyone is not equal.  Some are smarter, harder working, plain luckier, and just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you be winning and sometimes you be losing…if you get my drift.

      How about this headline…Bulls tight end has a big family…hmm…sounds illicit and makes one purse their lips…I have no idea what Mr. Joey Knight is discussing.  Like this quote:  “Defense hopes to get a chance to face Vick.”  Sounds like facing the ghosts of kingdom past and who says sports ain’t about life.  I can even identify with these headlines:  Overton hopes lead is an omen.  Of course, understood.  Superstition plays in often…ah ha….did you get your numbers for the lottery? Which numbers did you choose?  And it is about time when “Lightning hopes to figure out who it is.”  Gotcha! Sports writers, I may not be able to play the game and you can refer to me as a “persona non player” in technical terms but I want you to know that I understand you.  Now, can you do the same when reading Ann Landers advice column?