Today when I walked in, there was a big group of Freshman/sophomore students from USF coloring in our coloring books and enjoying cupcakes.  There were about 6 or so of them. It was nice to see.  And then in walked a couple of women who were both singers.  One was going to live in Seoul Korea and was part of a competition.  One liked singing jazz and the other soul.  Then in walked a customer interested in cupcakes for a party…it was really nice to meet such an eclectic group of customers going about their business.  We face some tough times as a country but it is nice to know people still buy cupcakes, plant flowers, take in animals as pets, get their children to school on time, and take risks. I left writing this briefly to hear Michael being dissed by a little Southern lady who describes herself as a “Florida cracker.” She knew more about the Rays than Michael and of course, I was not a contender.  I enjoy basketball.  A good day.