This morning, I waited at our store for the lady to come pick up our donated cupcakes for Joshua House.  We made about 200 of them upon request.  She was delighted and I wasn’t so surprised to learn that we were the only place that responded positively and timely to her request for a donation.  A certain cupcake place on Dale Mabry did not and kept referring her to Corporate despite the fact they are indivually owned.  Initially, I was not in a great mood….the stress of last week, baking all day yesterday for the event, and doing about a 100 other things did not put me in a good mood.  But I was determined that I would go and give her the cupcakes just like last night when a customer called at the last minute, after we arrived home, I returned…it was after all a sale of half a dozen and to tell you the truth, business for us and for many others, we have noticed has been really off the past week.  It is extremely depressing but I wanted to step up to the plate and not let Michael go.  He does enough running around and so that is what I did.  I have finally figured out how to operate our car also…with the funny start, so I can go to my adjunct job MWF and then do some other things on weekdays.  Some parts of our neighborhood seem to be getting worse, people are getting bolder, this health care thing is overwhelming some people….the news is depressing but the thing is these children didn’t always have a voice.  I was a guardian ad litem for five years from 2005-2010 when I left for a job overseas.  I learned alot about the court system, foster homes, and so much.  I met many good people and made a few friends along the way.  I told the volunteer that during this time I was also working as a teacher at a title 1 school and was given a very difficult time.  I realize now it had little to do with me and more to do with the administrator wanting to put her friend in a teaching position. I enjoyed the children, preparing lessons, etc.   It still affected me but it also made me do something and I took a different direction.  The thing is as an adult, we have options.  Life kicks us despite our best intentions and sometime it just ain’t fair, but we can do something about it.  Children can’t .  I am happy that we baked so much and gave to Joshua House.  One day, I hope I can be part of the foster care system and help some children.  They need us.