I have to comment that the morning after vending at Rory’s play, I ate 4 pta cupcakes including peanut butter cup, plant city princess, 5th avenue fling, and cookie monster.  I discovered they were delicious and addictive…probably healthier than most addictions and they definitely made me feel better.  We usually don’t partake of what we make all the time.  I had forgotten how good our product is and how much better it made me feel! There has been a lot of stress lately in the world and in our little cupcake corner, and these left over pta’s  were a needed respite.  Mike ate a few also.  It did us good! Harmless and needed therapy for both of us! Michael went back to work this morning and I returned to Saint Leo.  We took Tuesday off.  The pleasure of having a small business.   The 17 hour day on Saturday and then not having a day off…because there is shopping for the store and other things to get done…did us both in.  I read some of my favorite books, puttered around in the garden and took care of a few chores.  Mike read and took care of a few chores also.  We talked other than shop talk which was also good.  My day at Saint Leo was very good.  The campus is so peaceful and I really enjoy all my students.  One of the Saudi students gave me a sheet including quotes from Saudi…I enjoy reading them.  “The ropeman got mixed with the archer.”  Meaning things get chaotic.  How apt that saying fits the part.  Or how about this to end my thoughts tonight:  the most praised form of fluency is silence when talk isn’t wise.  Good night.  See everyone tomorrow.