Mike and I were cupcakes vendors last night at the play “ Fighting God” written and directed by RQL Productions.  Rory Lawrence wrote, directed and starred in the play. Wow. That takes dedication and talent.  We discovered Marlet, a hair stylist in our plaza, was there as a makeup and hair stylist for one of the performers.  Rory’s picture and his plays are in our store…a certain section of our store on Busch is dedicated to him so we were surprised that she hadn’t seen them.  Anyway,  “Fighting God”, so well written and directed.  We had the opportunity to watch again Jay Washington, Ron Wilford (who also owns a cleaning business) He cleans our floor! Davina Reid…we hope they will visit us again in the store to sign the poster.  The play is in the official selection of Atlanta Black Theatre Festival 2013 and DC Black Theatre Festival 2013.  Last night’s venue was Lakeland.  I was very moved by the play.  Fighting God…in these turbulent times, we often have fights with God, about God, and questions of “Why  God?” and so the play reaches out on so many levels to all of us.  We were exhausted yesterday and had been up since 5 a.m. baking for our store, an order, and the event in Lakeland.  Our bodies were challenged, minds confused, but the play revived my creativity and spirituality and belief in all that is good.  It is somehow reassuring in the final scene, we see the attorney played by Rory Lawrence, moving on with his life with the support of his new family.  The ties that bind and keep us complete.  I also had the opportunity to witness Jack Gordon, an attorney at Law in Tampa, perform a very substantial and enjoyable scene as an attorney.  I think he probably is a very good defender! He is also a big supporter of RQL Productions and for that, we salute him! I believe the play is moving on tour to Atlanta but if it returns to the Tampa area, go see it.