I had an epiphany today.  Throughout our struggles with owning a business, I have had minor infractions with some other business owners….over parking, even being happy for one another….there has  been exhaustion, hurt feelings, and what not.  One day, we were even threatened by a car owner whose car was towed away.  Despite what happened and what may happen, I am glad we had the courage and the perseverance to open the store.  I have struggled with many feelings…friends or acquaintances haven’t always visited.  Sometimes family hasn’t followed our website or facebook pages.  What can I say? It is the times…sounds so pedestrian.  I know I would have given my support to a friend opening a cafe but some of our friends aren’t in Tampa, like our family.  I believe that God has led me here for a reason and it will continue.  In the meantime, I have had the opportunity to visit Tampa in a different light and understand the politics a little better.  Amen to that.  Our talents may take us another route, but we gave this route 100 percent! I can’t speak for my husband but he is one hell of a hard worker and to move this image to reality, I salute him.  We couldn’t have accomplished anything worthwhile without the other half.