The person who wrote the music for our store….well, it wasn’t for us…he plays somewhere in town and he and Michael used to work together.  He has never been in to see our store but he certainly has received a lot of attention from it.  Yesterday, I had the chance to meet one of our regulars and he knew the song of our store’s website by heart.  He loved our atmosphere in the  store.  It was nice to meet him.  Usually, I am teaching, on the road, in the morning (baking), out exercising after baking or somewhere but we met and it was nice to meet such an enthusiastic regular.  This man who has never been to our store certainly made a mistake by not coming and he has garnered a lot of attention to his music from our website.  Our freaky little corner of Busch Boulevard…not a funny little pub but certainly on the “edge of town.” I can see why Michael liked this song and thought it was perfect for our store.  It describes our area and the kind of feeling we hope to generate.