This past Monday, I was searching my mom’s handwritten recipes which give me some good insight into the past.  I found a recipe for “tater cake” which is a potato cake and some other interesting rum based cakes.  When I was growing up in the Catskills and while my mom was running our ice cream business, I would come home from school and my mom would leave me handwritten notes on how to make dinner.  I can still see those detailed notes:  Turn oven to 350 degrees.  After making sure chicken is basting in buttermilk or sprinkle steak with garlic.  and so on….this was part of how I learned cooking.  In time for my father and my brothers to come home.  It is interesting now that they hold cooking and baking classes for kids and teenagers at Public cooking school.  It was a matter of following directions and following a recipe.  Simple and it kept me out of trouble.