So impressed with my new students at Saint Leo.  Saint Leo recruited some students who are on the golf team, basketball team, tennis, and soccer team.  I also have some students from Saudi Arabia and Latin America.  It is a really good mixture of students.  Everyone turned in their homework today.  I was so impressed.  The athletes seem very disciplined and eager to do well.  They are from Germany, France, Morocco, and very impressive. Both of my classes have this positive energized flow moving through it.   It is going to be a great semester.  We worked on a process essay and the first thing that came to mind was the preparing, decorating, and displays of cupcakes.  Little surprise there! I asked them to write the process essay about something they enjoyed doing and writing down the steps.  I am hoping they will write about their sports, interests and give me some clues to the inner workings of soccer, golf, tennis.  They are enjoying Saint Leo:  the beautiful playing fields, their instructors and the general feeling of Saint Leo and nearby Dade City.  It will be a good semester! I am happy to return to Saint Leo.  On my days off as an adjunct, I am happy to return to our business but the break and working within my field of ESOL is invaluable to me.