In the end, the only one you can control is yourself.  You hope to have a great manager of the property your business is on, so he can enforce rules (same ones) for everyone but it does take someone of great integrity, directness, and a no nonsense attitude.  Which is the same with the Principal of a school or director…sometimes the crew is only as good as the relations he or she creates.  A good property manager or director is invaluable.  If you have a business still struggling after 3 years, you have to look within instead of blaming other people or businesses around you.  See what is going on and what you need to focus on.  Don’t play favorites among teachers or businesses because of fear, or Fraternization.  Be honest.  We will reward you a thousand fold:  the common man or woman who play by the rules and struggle, and try so hard to make it work. Respect their endeavor. There are many of us out there and they are watching also.