One of the committee members of Wharton High School PTA came this morning to pick up cupcakes for August birthdays.  There were a variety of types which went out nicely packaged.  Every person’s birthday will be celebrated with their choice of cupcake! That is very generous.  Stage Works party last week went very well.  I will post the pics when our camera cord is working again.  We ended up staying in the Channelside district until 10 p.m so we could collect our glass platter.  It was a long night but we did get to mingle with the guests who hadn’t heard of our cupcakes until that evening.  Most of them live in South Tampa but they promised to visit.  We also had the chance to visit Victory Cafe.  When we first opened, the manager visited us and wanted to carry our cupcakes.  It is a little far for us to go, but if they are willing to come here, we will arrange.  There is a new manager now.  It was a cute space, only about 300 square feet which is about what we would love to have one day if we opened another place to vend cupcakes.  Channelside area is lovely to walk around even when you are tired.  So we watched the sights for awhile and then went home and slept about 10 hours!