Some days , one almost seems berefit of words.  Images seem more explicit.  Images of cupcakes.  If you are a visual person, you will get this.  The first walk through our doors, we try to hook you visually with our cupcakes.  Our posters of old movies is intended to bring you back in time.  Remember the old days…where were you when you first watched The Wizard of Oz, or the Avengers? Then the aroma of baking and sheer organization.  I know that if I walk into a store and it is dirty, disorganized I don’t want to get my hair cut, nails done, or eat there.  The same goes for too many mirrors which might inhibit me.  Who needs to see a mirror strategically placed to show me jawing down on food or give the impression that the owner needs to watch me intently.  Already, I am feeling uncomfortable and am I safe to eat here? Hate too many mirrors in an eating place unless I am getting ready for a stage debut. Just my thought today.