This week, I had to go for a check up at the hospital and wasn’t allowed to eat from  Saturday after 4 p.m. until my appointment Monday morning.  Since we were busy, I had eaten lightly and was very hungry.  My appointment finished late morning and Mike promised me a good meal so I spend some time checking out some food blogger reviews and restaurant websites.  I was amazed that some menus were hard to find, along with restaurant hours and the prices.  Some restaurants didn’t list their menu on facebook which is an easy marketing tool.  One which I picked up from a cupcake place in Bangladesh…no kidding.  When I surf the internet, I really cover all the countries.  One time on a tour in Abu Dhabi, I met this really interesting travelling person on the tour and she was going to Bangladesh to visit.  So, anyway random associations, random thoughts and I googled.  This cupcake place in Bangladesh allowed me to use social media tool on Facebook to download a menu which was pretty cool.  I noticed many places in the states haven’t done this.  What I was more surprised at was the number of sites with no prices.  It is like going into a store with no prices and wares to sell.  I immediately feel a mixture of hostility, paranoia, and skepticism….if they don’t like me, will they charge me more? Little things but they make a difference.  We choose to go “Three Coins”which has a good menu breakfast and is a neighborhood place.  We enjoyed it and I eat a very big breakfast which lasted me till dinner.