This past Saturday , we were chosen by the Tampa Secret Cash Mob and they infiltrated our business from 10:00-closing.  It was incredible, the show of support and we are told that it will continue through this upcoming week.  I was watching a group of people meeting with their children and I was thinking, Hmm…they must be going to Busch Gardens, or on a trip and then they walked our way.  Luckily, we were prepared with a great selection and we continued baking and setting out more cupcakes throughout the day.  The group is made up of very eclectic, intelligent, fun people it was a good way to meet all these new people.  We will also join the group and welcome new businesses and show our support by spending money at their establishment.  It is a great way to learn even more about new small businesses and natives and newcomers to Tampa.  For once, I didn’t wonder where all those cars were going.  They were coming for us!! Wallah!!! Thank you again.