Is it luck or simply good money management from both of us that we are still around as other small businesses and cupcake businesses go out of business? We have become very good with our monies and sometimes we did get lucky a couple of times this summer with big orders from Mel’s anniversary, weddings, corporate orders…back door business which helped a lot during a sometimes slow summer.  Michael is very good with the business side and I am pretty good with the monies also.  When I was a teacher in Korea, I paid off all my student loans and in the Middle East, I was able to send home a good portion of my salary.  I have always been like that…holding back a little…I can remember our breakfast table growing up and my very tall brothers and hungry brothers wolfing down their food and glancing at my sausage which I saved till the very end.  Going to the casino with my brother and father, my mother and I always had money left over for lunch! I am also learning how to do some book keeping which isn’t as mysterious and secret as I thought it was.  We are growing, learning to live with less to start and keep our business, and I am also learning the different types of business people we deal and interact with.  Michael is very dependable and looks out for some of our crew who helps us out but not everyone we help out is as dependable and this is important in a small business.  Keeping to your word, knowing your finances, keeping those receipts, following up.  It is a little like being a teacher but you see the dividends more clearly.  With students you never know where they went or how far.  They may tell you “you’re the bomb” and you may look at that tough remedial reading class with wonder and wonder if you did any good for them.  But you don’t know.  You know what goes on in a class room but sometimes learning a business is very different and then again not so different.  Now you are accountable to yourself!