A team is so important.  There are so many things that for one it is impossible to do but for two, anything can be possible if you are a good team.  If you work for a team, remember to respect both members of the team.  You can bet your dollar that both are pulling hard and just because you don’t see one member, there are 1000 and one things things they might be out doing.  I know that Mel has Virginia, Joey Biscotti has his partner, and both are busy whether it is with another job, marketing, shopping, keeping the home in order, selling, baking, etc….both members are being used.  Sometimes one needs a day off to do totally nothing.  I need to ingrain this with Michael that Noah’s ark will not get waterlogged without him for a little.  No, we do not need a dish washer yet.  Business is kind of slow this week for many of us.  And when we hire a dishwasher, please don’t tell us how to bake, and when I ask you to do something, say Ï will do it later.  And it is not like we are indispensible cash register…only a small business.  Enjoy the day.  Have to get this off my mind.  It was running through like a giraffe on safari which I didn’t get to go on in the UAE because I was waiting for a girl friend to make up her mind.  Ha ha….one day, I will go  when I make up my mind….hopefully Michael and l will  both go on the safari and see those animals.  Two is a much better number to travel with.