We are off Monday with errands to run and we decided to relax the next day as we had a very busy July 4th onward and stayed open every day! Today, we baked 15 different types.  It was a rush but we are back on track.  A little incident with our water turned off or a pipe broken by our new landlord put my husband in a very bad mood but it was taken care of.  Funny the same things that twinge my conscience are different from Mikes but learning which ones are important and yes, water when you are cleaning, baking, etc. is very important.  Like I said to a customer, Michael talks more quickly than me but I mull things over which can be good or bad.  I am more reticent with my words.  Sometimes the less said, the better.  But keep the eyes open. I have learned as a teacher there are some people much faster to speak than me and that is ok because sometimes it is better to listen.   and if someone is rushing you, ask why?