Hi all…Michael here. One thing (one of many, I assure you) things I have learned in the 15 months we have been in business is too many small business’s close because they lose their identity. In the pursuit of the quickest dollar possible, they try to become something other than what they started out to become. If you are opening a coffee shop, become a coffee shop. Do not try to become a deli. If you are a deli, try not to become a bakery. If you are a bakery, do not try to become a retail store. It is okay to offer your customers options (like coffee in a cupcake shop, or a cupcake in a coffee shop), but do not try to morph the two. It does not work so well. It confuses your customers and alters your target market in mid stream. Your customer base needs to know WHO and WHAT you are, and they will feel more comfortable if they do. As an example, I point to Mel’s Hot Dogs. When you go there, you are going for freaking hot dogs! You are not going for a doughnut, or a cup of coffee, or a pound of grated cheese. He is a hot dog restaurant, and that is what you go there for. 

Just a point of interest and I needed to say it. Thanks.