We made it through the day although we were a bit stretched at times:  250 minis, a call for some more, and a store that seemed to bounce all day with customers!There were a couple of tense times like being alone one time seemed like 30 minutes when it might have only been 20 …meanwhile I was kind of freaking out.  I grew up with a small business and I just sensed that after delivering the cupcakes to Mels , we would get slammed and we did.  It was a non stop day! Met some great new customers…from the moment we opened to Temple Terrace natives stating they wished we were in the new plaza…to our very last customer who ordered 15 5th avenue flings to take with her to Orlando for a barbecue.  I showed her out the door with ice packs and advice on how to keep it cold for the car ride.  Some of our regulars returned.  We did many dishes, running for supplies, baking, decorating, cleaning!!And the hot dogs really looked like hot dogs.  Michael baked all the minis.  I finished the rest of the baking for the store. And we both cleaned, washed dishes, and decorated.   Unfortunately, our car still isn’t working well, and since he understands the mechanical personality better, he is doing all the driving until our car is fixed.  Michael also found time to deliver a cupcake for the birthday of a hair dresser.  Her friends asked him to. That was very sweet of him with all we had to do! So, we got through the day.   It was definitely a stretch for two people.  At times, I felt like a rubber band or maybe like the gumby man.  Tomorrow is another day and we have another 250 minis to decorate. There will be more baking tomorrow and an early morning. Thank you to Mel and his staff for being so gracious and generous to our small store.  Thank you, especially to Virginia, for mentioning putting the “hot dog” on the minis.  That little touch worried us but once we got it down, and it worked….it was a good detail…and it made those cupcakes.