Times can get a little stressed.  We just finished 2 big events and are now preparing for 500 minis for Mels Hot Dogs celebration this week.  Some people play cards, watch silly tv shows and when I am stressed and have a moment, I return to the past via the internet or photos.  My Godmother was Suzy Parker, a famous model of the 50s and her sister, Dorian, , as a present bought for my mom, a wonderful settee/child’s crib from Paris which a friend of my mom inherited. I can visualize sitting in that little settee on our porch in Alabama watching the rain fall and reading a good book. It sits in Alabama and is in good hands of  a woman who was a very good friend to my mom.  As you may remember, my mom was a stylist for Frank Scuvallo so she had the opportunity to meet some very well known models of the 50s.  So long ago! I just found out that Suzy has a daughter, who was born a few years after me, and she lives in Alabama and is a published poetry and suspense writer, and a teacher.  Somehow these connection make me feel better and I don’t feel so stressed.  They gave me some grit and determination to carry on.  I wish that I could meet her one day.  We have so much in common.  Sometimes the lines that cross are so few separations apart.