We have gotten really good at working together in the kitchen.  Sometimes as I am working, I remember stories from childhood which carry me into the moment.  As always, I carry my pen with my words.  In the late sixties, my father bought a house in the country and 14 acres for less than $20000.  He sold everything 20 years later for almost 5 times that price. He borrowed money from a friend and left Elmhurst, Queens with 3 children, my mom, and a vague promise of a job.  After one of my brothers (6th grade) was held over the railroad tracks by a gang member, it was time to go.  My mom always had much faith in her intuition, or gut instinct.  We were always hearing about my mom’s intuition which more often proved correct.  This may be partly superstition but I believe in trusting my gut instinct when it comes to people and situations.  If someone or something makes me uncomfortable, I figure someone is dancing on my consciousness for a reason.We hear many hard luck stories on Busch.  Some I believe and some God is dancing so hard, it makes me twitch.