Miscellaneous thoughts occur to me while baking, decorating early morn.  I have always been known as a hard worker so I decided to try something this morning.  Instead of knowing Mike is my husband, I tried just to do my work and get it down.  And it worked for now. Maybe in the past decade or so, I have gotten a little soft being married to Mike.When we are working together, I try not to take everything so personally.  It seems easier with someone you don’t know.  “Throw these away. They don’t look good.  Blunt, blunt, blunt…lol.”  So , I began to recall some past challenging work situations.  I have worked with so many different types of personalities and people.  When I was 25, I worked for the Dept. of Real Property assessment in Manhattan until layoffs came around.  It was an interesting job in which we were written up by the New York Times.  At times, it was very dangerous but it gave me a good view of New York and the surrounding boroughs.  We traveled in pairs to photograph buildings which were going to be auctioned.  Sometimes they were delinquent in taxes or were seized drug properties.  Sometimes it was dangerous.  The first day on the job, a cab dropped me off at a McDonalds meeting place in the South Bronx.  He refused to wait and I didn’t have a car yet.  One time, I had a partner who left me photographing an isolated spot in the South Bronx because she didn’t care for me.  The best partner was a man from the Islands. One time, my partner told me “get lost” after we photographed a Mafia member’s home…I believe it was John Gotti.  So, I have been in some dangerous positions.  My mom, a native New Yorker, used to say that God protects the innocent after she heard that I was staying in Israel on a kibbutz for a month in my early 20s.  And so he has.  So anyway, I have worked with many types of people and been in many situations.  I so hope we get busier but in the meantime, we can live and learn.