Thoughts which continue long beyond the moment they are written down is what I am concentrating on. 

1.  Some thoughts on business and business owners: I believe 50% of what is said to me. I believe more what I see or perceive.

2.  Keep your eyes open and your iconic remarks alone. What is good for them may not be acceptable for others to do.  

3.  Location, location,location…International Drive , Orlando (Beautiful)….beautiful…beautiful, safe, safe, safe, friendly, friendly, and friendly.  

4.  If you have a good product, they will still come and find you…it is just a little harder in some areas.   

5.  Work with what you can afford and keep your eyes wide open .  Say a little but observe a lot.  

6.  Know your customers needs and fill them….remember what they like.  If you have the best prices, are you too low or reasonable? Question and research.

7.  Things change quickly.  Keep your feet on the group and keep tethered to the floor even when those around you seem to be ping ponging off the walls. 

8.  Have a business near home so you can walk or bike ride if you have to! And good for health too. 

9.  Always believe in your product. 

10.  Take the advice of others who don’t do the same for a living with a grain of salt, a big big smile, and one foot forward. 

and that is all I will say for now folks.  Enjoy the day.I sure hope Busch Boulevard gets to look like International Drive one day.