The wedding went really well.  I am not sure how to get our phone photos on as we forgot our camera.  The mother of the bride supplied a beautiful platform for the cupcakes.  We delivered to Dover.  It was very rainy by the time we left.  A very good feeling to deliver to this wedding.  We hope to have the opportunity to do lots more like this.  It is very rainy today.  I made a new cupcake called The Root Beer Float with root beer middle and frosting and a hazlenut cookie on top to pick up the root beer flavor.  I did all of the prep work today with baking, decorating, and cleaning as Mike is at home trying to get the car started to get over to our mechanic in Plant City.  I missed the help but I don’t mind working alone and it is a good feeling to know that I am capable of taking care of it by myself.  Not busy because of the rain.  Tomorrow we shall have our car again….God willing.