Next month, we will be one of the stories covered by the Tampa Bay Times photographer John Pendygraft .  He came this morning and did some silly stuff with us and took some great photographs! He kind of reminded me of all the publicity that we have had and we are so thankful for all of them….that posing for silly pictures is a small price to pay. Before Mr. Pendygraft, we have been asked by photographers to throw batter at one another, contemplated bringing in saws, hammers, power tools, lol.  The last time I remember posing for so many stills was many years ago in the garment  district  when an agent approached me for some print modeling as I was a size 6 with blonde hair and blue eyes . I had the girl next door arrives in Manhattan look.    They were interested and I was interested in making some extra money until I arrived in the waiting room along with the other hopefuls.  I felt like a bird in the presence of very sharp c laws.  In the interim, I did have the opportunity to meet some fascinating people.  Anyway, a lifetime later, this was a fun shoot to do and we have some great photographs.  I am not longer a size 6 but we sure do appreciate the attention.  Thank you  for choosing us. We will be featured in June in a series of stories about start up companies.