What do Club Renaissance, Mary Lou Janson (food blogger), the Bostonian, WAPA, Ritz-Carlton , DuraSeal, Florida College, Regions, Comedy by Robin,Skippers, Public Defenders Office, Penn tank lines, and supervisor of elections have in common? At some time,they visited us and dropped their cards in our Hershey’s tin.  Cupcake Cache’s name is unique.  Mike thought of it and we went with it.  “Cache this cupcake!” I went to the SBA on 56th street and when mentioning it to the instructor (adjunct) from UT, she thought it was not good and reminded people of lingerie and didn’t like our logo.  I was very disappointed but later found out from some of the class when they visited our store, they loved everything.  I left near tears and never went back.  But we are still in business and plugging along.