This past weekend, we put our menu on Facebook.  Ironically the idea came from a cupcake store in Bangalore.  I copied the link and Mike did the technical stuff.  Then I typed in all 45 varieties of cupcakes and cut and pasted our menu.  It also attracted the interest of a networking company which if you like their page, they will post everything that happens so you attract more customers.  I believe it is called Quattro….and the person who solicited us is in Fort Myers(?) area.  You know that we didn’t win the lottery although several people did call to inquire.  None of my relative or friends…so I guess they thought if I got lucky, I would have told them…lol…or maybe just disappear with Mike and go somewhere secret.  This winner seems to be the talk of the town…zephrhyhills that is.  This morning, I made the Ka-ching and put a gold coin on the side.  I hope lucky will follow us.  Good day.