Well, we have had a couple of food bloggers visiting us.  Also a photographer is coming next week from the Tampa Bay Times.  James Pendygraft, one of my favorite photographers.  We are excited.  As for me, reaching out to help someone lately, I feel like i kind of got my hand slapped and probably will be more cautious about reaching out again. We really couldn’t always afford this person working and we had to pick her up. It was difficult for us. Some of my resentment may have come through as she informed my husband she felt she was under too much tension. I felt like there wasn’t enough that I could do for her! We are on a limited budget and we need our one car and time is important. So, the bad guy was me and she left for greener pastures. She was a good worker and I did tell her we would give her a terrific recommendation. I just am not sure how I got to be the bad guy…and the next dishwasher is definitely going to be a man…just kidding.  It didn’t put me in a good place and with the stress of our small business, I don’t think I can take that unecessary pressure  again. Sometimes people just have to dig themselves out of their hole and you can offer advice or card and hope they follow. Next time, my words will keep to myself.  I know that I am a compassionate person which probably makes me a good teacher but my husband is the more cut and dried business man. We move on.  Thanks for listening.