Things are starting to return to normal here.  Mike is still recovering and insists on being in the store.  Our oven has to be replaced and we are preparing for more weddings which is a good thing.  I thought of something interesting which is how few degrees people are removed from one another on social media like Facebook.  Another customer commented on one of our regular customer’s comments.  It turned out that they knew one another.  The world is indeed a small place.  The other day when Mike and I were picking up supplies, we stopped in to eat at Arbys and one of the customers was wearing a motorcycle Harley Davidson T-shirt from the Dubai Show.  Ironically, I happened to visit that show.  Mike remembered the story.  I attended the last Amy Winehouse concert in Dubai.  And in front of the concert platform was a Harley Davidson Show which I got a big kick out of attending because of seeing all the Emiratis mingling with the customers while wearing their traditional  robes and head gear.  It was interesting.  Mike and I spoke to him for awhile as it turned out that his brother attended.  Is it possible to play Amy Winehouse? Not in the store…she was a very talented but troubled artist.  It is safer for us to play old classics and the radio.  But “no, no , no…yes, yes, we still love your music, Amy.