How do our days run? We are here early, check orders, bake, decorate, and then we wait for customers and orders.  It often feels like a chess game without the pieces.  Business happens in fits and starts for our plaza.  Summer seems to be starting slowly but public and private schools are still in session so tourists will start coming to Busch Gardens more this summer.  We have some orders and weddings coming up later this summer.  Do we need help? Well, that is a loaded question.  I did refer someone to my husband …all we needed is a dishwasher for when we get busy with orders and events.  Unfortunately, it was at times a double edged razor.  She did a terrific job with the dishes and mopping but needed more hours.  You can’t support a family on this job so I think she will be moving on.  Ironically, I wanted her to help my husband when I wasn’t here or there was just one of us…but sometimes it seemed to add more stress because of expectations of hours and then picking her up.  So, we only need a dishwasher now and then but mostly we cannot afford anyone else now.  When we can, I will ask more questions of what they want and if they have transportation.  The object of “help”is to help us also! Thank you for listening.