This is a chocolate cupcake with turtles(hazelnut, chocolate, caramel) inside and marshmallow/cream cheese frosting with a gold coin to signify chances we take.  Risks such as opening a small business, forging ahead when a tragedy strikes, striking ahead on a new path, trusting your intuition or “gut”feeling.  This one is for you.

A smile as this is written.  An Irish family where they drew tables signifying horse races, stocks, sports teams.  A person with “er” at the last of a verb who cannot go by without stopping by .  No, this Irish gal is not one but we know them.  

Just had an interesting customer which made myself and the other customer wonder, äre you legally allowed to sell stun guns and if so, isn’t that scary.  Hmm.  Well, he did enjoy a Night Howl with expresso to give him some adrenaline for the next sales.  and Yes, you must stop by and talk with us to hear the full story.