Yesterday was an interesting day! I was at Saint Leo and I lost both of my shoes…my Dansko shoes which have travelled with me through the Middle East, on vacation in the Keys, Tampa elementary halls to the University…and they even made it to Paris.  About 2 and a half years ago or so, I was packed and ready to leave at the Tampa Airport.  Unfortunately, there was a glitch with my airlines and so I couldn’t leave but my bags unfortunately made it ahead of me and they travelled to Paris , then caught  the flight to Abu Dhabi. As they were checking out Charles De Gaule Airport, I was worrying about all my new clothes, socks, shoes, makeup, etc.  I wouldn’t leave without my suitcase returning so I called the airport in Abu Dhabi and then they were send back while I waited for another flight. It became a joke with the Teach Away group….I had well travelled bags and in those bags were my very expensive Dansko sandals.  Yesterday, they both fell apart simultaneously as I was walking the campus…I discovered they had cork bottoms and a metal steel plate for back support.  It was a sad day for me.  These shoes had been with me since 2008.  The other day, I brought someone who helps us out in the store a pair of old sandals because she told my husband that she couldn’t walk home because her shoes were broken.  Since Mike and I share one car, and the car was with me and she wouldn’t take the bus…anyway, the next day, I brought her my sandles but she made a face and declined,  Seriously, folks, I thought don’t decline my shoes.  Those sandles walked all over dusty roads still being build in Ab Dhabi.  Shoes are important and how we take care of them, refuse them, or what we choose to do with them tells a story and somethimes they even travel more than us. I can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear or choose not to wear.