Some crazy and tough times with Mike at VA check ups, etc. but time to settle in again.  He is ok.  Everything I learned about people, I learned from cupcakes…no kidding, the name of this blog.  Some people are light, fluffy without substance, lots of topping, some may be spicy with a pinch of cayenne pepper and chocolate, some are subtle with deep currents of movement…like the chai time with graceful lines, elegant and stealthy as a prowling cat.  What are you? Are you wrapped up tight, packed in the middle with a secret or hard and sugary about to explode?These are trying times we live in.  If I can name you as a cupcake, maybe we can understand one another….there are definite “Mudslinger” types and then again, there is the “”Pepper pirate” who will take you by surprise.  Which one are you this Friday?