Sometimes people ask if we bake at night.  Not yet.  We bake early mornings and tend to finish about noon.  Today we are offering about 18 selections.  Sometimes, Mike is alone baking and decorating or when I am here, we coordinate our small space.  One of us could bake at night but not sure I would anticipate being alone on Busch Blvd, I tease Mike sometimes that I would like to see more men as most of our customers are women.  We don’t sell ammunition, military supplies, plumbing materials, etc.  My first year in the Navy, I was placed on an ammunition ship with mostly men.  Not sure I would want to relive this experience…catch bulk packages of ammuntion flying in the air, and listening to urban tales while in port of snakes, the size of the length of the ship residing below.  I was in my 20s and had to train hard to get through my physical training, not being athletically inclined.  Anyway, more men might be nice but we just enjoy cupcake fanatics and those hankering for something sweet.