Mike began our cupcake crawl early this morning before 6 a.m.  I corrected some papers and then he picked me up around 8:15.  It is now about 11:30 and it is still raining outside and we have baked and decorated many  different types of cupcakes and varieties.  Not much room left in the refridgerator.  We hope you all will stay safe and dry today. It is a good day to take care of something you have put off and then a small treat for yourself. This past weekend, a writer came in and left me with a bookmark …for a novel called Butterfly Messges…Jamie Elizabeth Tingen.  She was a nice customer to serve…she had read the newspaper ad and was so curious to see our place.  She spent a lot of time looking at our movie posters, film, cameras , and then checking out all the cupcake names,  It looks like she was a finalist of Indie book awards.  Looking forward to finding out more about her.