Thank God it is Saturday! Friday turned into a busy day…kind of like unexpectedly being asked to dance to salsa music when you know tango or at least you try! I was at Saint Leo staying for my office hours waiting for a student who didn’t show.  After I left, picked up some items…Mike told me “don’t rush” so I went to the library, post box, a little grocery shopping, dropped off some of our cards, and got some ice for the next day for our soda chest.  Arrived and Mike was in the midst of baking as we were almost sold out and had deliveries to Mojos, Bearss Groves, etc.for the next day.  So, I decorated and he baked.  It was a good day! This is how our days run…no customers for hours and then we have a hustle and a dance we try to keep up with! So now, it is Saturday and our deliveries are finished and the day is still progressing slowly but we are expecting a tango…or at least hoping for one later on around 4 p.m.