Tuesday, we usually work together in the morning or often Mike will run some shopping errands while I work on my specialities.It is good for me to work alone in the kitchen sometimes.  Happy Mike is good booksmart with a MBA in International Business and also a little street or rather a lot street smart with good common sense about business and people.  We make a good team as long as I have my coffee…in the morning.  Gourmet cupcakes may seem a glamourous business but more often than not, it is more than just “liking to bake.” One must also pay taxes, keep budgets, take care of the paperwork, market, clean dishes, pots, and assorted other items, keep up with media, shop and all with an eye to the future.  And also one must confess if they have a weakness in one area and let the other handle it.  Being in business as a husband/wife team is learning to be brutally honest at times and then when to walk away and let the other handle what they can.  We also have a home, and other things to take care of.  One of our regulars today mentioned it was a great time to be a small business….sometimes we wonder when we work so hard and it seems as if we are running in circles but other days, we couldn’t agree more.  We like being here! And with time, as we are still new at this, we become more comfortable.