I feel somewhere to the left of the populist vote here in the store…one has a good view of Mels Hot Dogs, all the other stores in the Center, and of course, Busch Gardens.  “We can dance if we have to”…..lol….not as varied as sitting in the Citicorp Building in Manhattan but I do feel like a fish in the water, so to speak.  There have been times I felt like a fish out of the water in a small aquarium….in some of the countries I have lived in.  I could write a book from this perch also….some interesting characters…a cookbook…..no, just enjoying my mom’s recipe holders at home with fresh vichyossise (?).  tater cake…hmmm.  I will leave those alone for now.  I am more apt in Tampa to write one of those “‘who dun it ?'” novels…until later, enjoy your day.