1. The Ravens locker room will be too crowded. I mean, how many parole officers can they fit in there?

2. The Fourty niners will give all their winnings to some “save the three legged stump rabbit”or something.  Isn’t California the land of liberal charities?

3. Some announcers are going to make a but-load of cash by rehashing the same script from the last 46 Super Bowls.

4. The very first commercial after the end of the game will be to sell “commerative”shirts, hats and videos of the winning team’s “drive to the championship”

5. Detroit will riot after the game. Nevermind they do not have a dog in the hunt…any reason to riot will do.

6. Commentary will break down like this: 4% about the game, 12% about the commercials, and 84% about Ray Lewis.

Those are my predicitons.