I am a person who likes to minimalize my space while Mike is a person who actually has the organizational skills from years of living in small spaces overseas…ok, he can do it.  I just buy less.  When we first met, I believe I had 6 pieces of furniture.  When I was invited to teach in the UAE, on the other hand, I left with two bursting bags full of stuff just in case there were no women with size 9 shoes and wide shoulders.  Would they have make up and hair products? Ha Ha.  Actually, my bags toured Paris and went on the Abu Dhabi circuit while my first flight was cancelled.  So, I was unlike my mom, who when told by a neighbor they were driving to New York City, would be ready in 30 minutes dressed in black, flats and a big pocketbook carrying her make up and cash.  My grandmother would greet her with “your bags”?” So now we have like almost 40 varieties of cupcakes.  For a minimalist, that is a lot for me to handle and only something Mike could have envisioned.  For me, less is more. In this case, more is not less but more, if you get what I mean.