Mike came up with this name and I love it! It is a vanilla cupcake with some granola and mango inside topped with mango flavoured butter cream and a piece of dried mango.  It is good! I hope our customers will like it.  This morning was busy.  When Mike, my husband and I work in this small space, I am reminded of my mom who hated to share her cooking space with anyone! Lord, we are both hard workers, perfectionist…Julia and Craig in the kitchen….and how many husband and wife teams in the kitchen do you know of…lol….I try to think comedy because the alternative of comedy is tragedy or anger and sometimes life is just too short.  Enjoy the day.  Beautiful out there! A couple of days ago, I passed out some fliers to Hope Lodge and to the wonderful Botanical Center near USF which also gave me the opportunity to peruse their wonderful plant store.  Have to think outside of the box when you can!!