I am not here on MWF as I am at Saint Leo or sometimes running chores.  When I return to our small business, I am reminded of a column  I used to write called Ëve’s Dropping”in Bon Secour, Alabama where I let people what was happening in and around the town.  I have a new cupcake in mind with granola and mango in the center.  Fresh mango frosting over a spice cupcake.  Feel free to help us name it…I have no idea.  I thought of Mangro but Mike said it just didn’t sound right.  I think he is right about that one!! LOL.  One of our great customers suggested approaching the gift shops at the local hospitals with our cupakes.  I think it might help if you know someone or are married to some key administrator or Doctor.  I tried this in the very beginning and gave away cupcakes to Panchos near USF hospital, and all these other places.  It was a no go for me but if anyone has an in who likes our cupcake like Ms. Barbie, (Cache’s mom) who wrote the advice, help us out and we will give you a dozen on the house.  Sometimes I feel like I am Eve’s dropping because I have to catch up with all going on.