So next week, I will be making some more sweet po’tater…with bacon on top which is a good comfort food and reminds me of Alabama.  Just had to share this…brings back good memories….always referred to down in Lower Alabama as a yankee but then I would turn around and they would say…”but we like you.” They were amazed that they liked me and would tell me funny stories like about the two men from CNN sports getting stuck in the mud….outside the Alabama resort and two big big Alabamians coming over to them…and lifting their car out of the mud….and then saying “we don’t mind helping you on your way back North.” All in good stride!! Or how when my mom and I used to walk at night under the giant oaks by the water, we would get these stares and smiles.  Later finding out the watermelon smell were somewhat dangerous water mocassins….which the city folk didn’t know about.  All in all, it was a good time.  Today is a good day…we are almost all sold out.  I hope we can go home early.  I have a good book to read and a glass of wine calling out to me!