once we get people in the door, they love our cupcakes and our small place.  It is just getting them in the door.  This morning, I freaked out because of all the big cars parked in front of our store blocking our sign and store front.  We don’t have road frontage, so we need all the help we can get as  a new business.  Sometimes, I wish I was part of the small town in the Mountains I grew up in…people were so considerate of other business…because hey , you knew one another! If you weren’t related to one another…found this similar when I was working overseas in Korea and the Middle East.  But here in Tampa, the big city, you get those attitudes.  Anyway, I let people freak out and keep going….my style…and I don’t judge them…I think…they are having a bad day.  Well, the refridge went out but is working now.  I am trying to pull my load as Mike was here last night at 3:30 am trying to work out the problem.  Well, he fixed it so I worked this afternoon while he went home.  I hope he is resting .   I just hope and pray that we make it through these rough times.  And we will…hopefully, we will be here for our customers who like us.